• Jonathan Shiek

Lebron James Slammed Youth Football Coach for Hitting Player

Gerrel Williams, a youth football coach was seen in a video attacking a kid on his team. The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office in Florida started investigations on Gerrel after someone sent them the video of the incident that happened on December 7. The shocking thing that the investigators mentioned was that the victim’s mother made it clear that she will not be pressing any charges against Gerrel Williams.

A recent update mentioned that Coach Williams will be banned from all future American Youth Football activities and also lost his job as a counselor at the Catham County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia. This outrageous news caught Laker’s superstar, LeBron James’s attention. James posted on Instagram and slammed the coach for his actions against the kid.

This news was not only brought to light by LeBron James, Pro Football Hall of Famer, Shannon Sharpe also criticized Coach Williams and said “Even if that’s his kid, I’ll whip him.” It is still unclear whether the coach will be facing any criminal charges over this incident, as it is much tougher to get a conviction without a cooperating victim. 

The coach was hit with continuous backlash and negative comments on social media for his actions. Do you think he will be getting any jail time or left off the hook? 

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