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Lazada Philippines Called Out For Promoting ‘Rape Culture’

If you have ever shopped online, chances are you may have used e-commerce platforms such as Lazada and Shopee. You may also have came across some ads of items while you’re browsing on social media like Facebook and Instagram, though…some of the items advertised are somewhat questionable.

One such advertisement caused quite the outrage among netizens when a local celebrity came across a rather disgusting Lazada ad that supports ‘rape culture’ while browsing social media. Kim Atienza then took to Twitter to publicly express his discontent at Lazada for allowing such an advertisement to be posted.

Shame on you @LazadaPH Do you even know what you are selling? Is this even legal? I'm calling you out. Shame. — kim atienza (@kuyakim_atienza) March 3, 2021

The ad showed a product that puts people to sleep with the title reading “Deep sleep, one second spray to fall asleep fast”. To make things worse, the image included an unconscious woman in a backseat of a car with one of her breasts exposed. The image suggests that the woman has been drugged by some ‘medicine’ and is about to be taken advantage of.

Other netizens also expressed their concerns regarding such items for sale

I don't even think it's porn they are selling. It's a device to make people lose consciousness! My god… The Chinese loosely translates to: "[Victim] won't move no matter the environment." — Toby (@tobaltweets) March 4, 2021

Some even went so far as to say Lazada should shut down their operations.

Should be a reason to shut down Lazada operations…calling PRRD. — Don Arvee (@Arvee63432611) March 4, 2021

Lazada Philippines quickly responded to Atienza’s tweet stating that they were aware of such items for sale and are currently in the midst of removing such ads and items from their platform.

This incident prompts the question, why is there no regulation controlling such items for sale and if there are, why can such ads and items still see the light of day?


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