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Latest Survey Found 81% Of Malaysians Prefer To Work In The Office For Career Growth

According to a recent survey published by Savills titled titled “What Workers Want – Malaysia” , about 81% of office workers in Malaysia stated that they prefer to return to the office. Even though hybrid work models are seen as the main thrust in the future, more than 90% of respondents believe that creativity and collaboration, achieving job targets, and career growth is best achieved in an office environment.

“Finding that the hybrid work model is seen to remain here, the balance between business and economic needs as well as employee preferences is an ideal solution and that is what companies need to focus on during this reopening period. The physical office environment may need to be enhanced by other factors to make returning to the workplace in the current environment more attractive. The existence of robust hardware and software solutions is more important than ever and is a key factor in supporting the evolving work environment,” said Savills Malaysia deputy managing director Nabeel Hussain.

Savills Malaysia Research Associate Director Fong Kean Hwa mentioned that most office workers prefer to return to the office as they believe it will benefit their physical and mental health, and thus supporting their professional and personal development. However, unlike EMEA who think they are more productive at home, the survey found that workers in Malaysia are productive in both the office and at home.

Meanwhile, 30% of respondents shared that their mental and physical fatigue was due to working from home, while more than a third said they faced increased working hours due to the ambiguity of working from home boundaries. Malaysian office workers also added that offices play an important role for professional growth and collaborative work.

What do you think? Do you prefer working from home or at the office?


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