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Lamborghini Driver Tried To Shame Honda Driver For Being ‘Poor’, Gets Slammed By Netizen

An entitled Lamborghini driver got a taste of her own medicine when she tried to post a photo on Instagram to criticise a Honda driver’s supposedly “low EQ (emotional quotient), only for her actions to backfire and have netizens chastise her instead.

“Jealous drives people to psycho. This Honda owner is not only poor in finance but also poor in EQ that’s why he purposely parked like this,” wrote the Lamborghini driver, “If you think I cannot open the door, you are wrong, man. You will see what are the troubles I created for you then.”

Except the move definitely wasn’t the serve she thought it was because in the photo posted, it was evident that the Honda car was parked perfectly in its designated parking spot, but rather the lilac Lamborghini Gallardo sports car that crossed the line due to the driver’s poor parking skills.

Credits: Malay Mail

Seeing this, netizens did not go easy when they were berating the Lamborghini driver. “Funny enough, those who bring in EQ usually have no EQ themselves. In this woman’s case, no IQ also,” said a user.

That’s not even the funniest part. Thanks to the power of social media, netizens also managed to discover that the Lamborghini driver has been driving with a road tax that expired in June. “I thought you’re rich, how come you never renew your road tax? Even poor people know how to renew their road taxes,” wrote a Facebook user.

In a later comment, someone discovered that the Lamborghini owner has not only renewed her road tax, but also since deleted her posts and gone private on her social media accounts. Let this be a lesson to everyone to always be nice to others, no matter how rich you are because what goes around really comes back around.


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