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Kris Wu Detained And May Face 10 Years To Life Sentence For Suspected Rape

Since he was accused of various date-rape allegations, Chinese-Canadian pop star Kris Wu had seemingly gone off the radar after he continued to deny all allegations against him. In latest news of the controversial scandal, the rapper has been detained by Chinese authorities on Saturday (31 July) night on suspicion of rape.

Although the announcement published by the Beijing police never explicitly disclosed the full identity of the detainee, many media outlets managed to identify the man as Kris. The news quickly went viral as many people were shocked at how Kris, who is a notable figure and a Canadian national, is also not immune from the laws of China.

In fact, some Chinese media outlets even stated that the more popular an individual is in China, the more they must practice self-discipline and abide the law. “The ‘Kris Wu Incident’ is no longer entertainment gossip tainted with a peachy atmosphere, but a real legal case. It also teaches society a very solid lesson that everyone is equal before the law,” writes the Legal Daily.

If Kris is convicted, he may face 10 years to life sentence and even be deported after he’s done serving his sentence in China. Although many of Kris’ fans still support their idol, the ongoing case is quickly becoming a cautionary tale to other celebrities to remember that no one is above the law in China.


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