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Kota Damansara Petsmore Shamed For Negligence After Toy Poodle Puppy Hung To Death

Owners of a 5-month-old toy poodle puppy, Jayanth Sridhar and Bhumika took their tragic story over to Facebook during the weekend, calling out Kota Damansara's Petsmore for negligence after finding out that their puppy, Peanut died under their care.

"We write this post with a lot of sadness and pain, having to go through the loss of our beloved five-month-old toy poodle puppy, Peanut, to shameful negligence from the staff of Petsmore," they wrote. In the Facebook post, they mentioned that they've entrusted the pet store their beloved pup while the couple took a short holiday.

Unfortunately, news broke to them on the day of their return. The couple received an emergency call from Petsmore saying there was an accident at the outlet. "Upon reaching the store, we were informed that Peanut had passed away and that he had fallen off the grooming table," Jayanth wrote.

The couple requested to check the store's CCTV footage when the incident occurred. The CCTV footage showed a staff move Peanut from the play area to tend to another customer. However, the staff left the puppy with a leash on the grooming table instead of moving it back to the crate.

Sadly, the couple had to watch their beloved Peanut slip off the table and hang to death. Meanwhile, they also spotted a staff grooming another dog at the opposite table, oblivious to what happened behind her.

Jayanth told SAYS that Petsmore had told him and his wife different stories before they watched the whole incident in the CCTV footage. Petsmore issued an apology letter to the couple, but Jayanth described it as "diluted", whereby it only contained justifications and facts, 4 days after the whole incident. On top of that, the pets store did not even offer them any form of compensation.

On the flip side, Petsmore told SAYS: "It was our personnel's mistake and carelessness on our standard operating procedure (SOP), which pets should be leashed across the body but not around the neck only. We sincerely regret that the on-duty groomer in the room was not alerted the first time, which led to a missed opportunity to save the puppy. The groomer is guilty and unable to forgive herself on the mistake and negligence she did."

According to Petsmore, the groomer even resigned on the day of the incident despite the company encouraging her to just take a break. While Jayanth mentioned that there was no compensation given, Petsmore clarified that they sent him an apology letter, paid for the puppy's burial, and sent the couple a poodle "as per his request".

That said, Jayanth also told SAYS that one of the Petsmore staff found a puppy for him to adopt as the couple was looking to adopt a puppy that needs a home. "She found one for us and helped us adopt. Petsmore had nothing to do with that," he said.

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