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Korean Plastic Surgeons Reveal Most Requested Male Korean Celebrities Looks

Have you ever looked at a Korean male celebrity and said to yourself “I want to look that good” or “I want a boyfriend that attractive”? Well in Korean culture, it’s pretty normal to have plastic surgery done to upgrade your features. Here are some of the most requested Korean male celebrity looks according to some of the best plastic surgeons in South Korea.

Cha Eun-Woo (Astro)

Credit: KoreBu

This is not a surprise, Astro’s Eun-Woo is not only attractive, but he’s also talented and intelligent. His appearance is often mentioned on programmes that he appears on because of his good looks. He even earned the nickname “face genius”.

Seo Kang-Joon

Credit: Men’s Folio Malaysia

According to plastic surgeons, many male patients bring in a photo of Kang-Joon during their consultation because his eyes are so attractive. He gets second place due to his beautiful light-brown eyes! Most Asians have dark brown or black eyes to complement their complexion, but Kang-Joon is a whole other level of perfection.


Credit: Somag News

Yet again, not a surprise, BTS Army prides V’s looks as his appearance is always brought up anytime the topic of visuals is mentioned. South Korean plastic surgeons also mentioned how stunning V’s eyes are, that “they can’t be replicated by surgery”.

Song Kang

Credit: Metro.Style

I personally feel like Song Kang is one of the most attractive Korean male celebrities out there. Netflix truly blessed us with “Sweet Home” and “Love Alarm”! Many plastic surgeons mentioned that Song Kang’s features resembles both Sung-Jae and Cha Eun-Woo’s.

Sung-Jae (BTOB)

Credit: KCrush American Magazine

Our top 5 most requested Korean male celebrity looks ends with BTOB’s Sung-Jae (the last but not the least). The male idol has been complimented for having an amazing beauty ratio heightened by his double eyelids. Most plastic surgeons remarked that it’s difficult to remake his eyelids, making him almost unrivaled!

Do you agree with this list? If no, who are some of the other faces that should be on this list?


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