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Korean Netizens Are Calling Olivia Rodrigo Out For Using BTS For Clout

It all started when American pop star Olivia Rodrigo was promoting her single Good 4 U on her official YouTube channel in Korea. Under the title, the song description reads: “A song that hit number one on the Billboard chart, competing with BTS.”

The stunt was then captured a netizen, who then shared it on a popular online community where he mentioned how he has never seen a pop singer using another artist’s name to promote their music in Korea.

Credits: Hype My

The post then caught the attention of other netizens, who mostly agreed with the original poster’s comment. And somehow, this quickly escalated into a heated discussion where people started to post hateful comments towards the 18-year-old singer.

That’s not all, one of the comments even revealed that the netizen who first shared the post about Rodrigo seemed to have been cyberbullied by her fans as well, which is why more Korean netizens are beginning to lash out at the singer.

Even on Twitter, some BTS fans aka ARMYs have called out Rodrigo and her team.

no offence to @Olivia_Rodrigo but your company and fans are assholes. Your company used BTS for CLOUT "Competing with BTS for number one" while your fans called us "bots and inorganic". This is very upsetting for me and all ARMIES to see ppl still use BTS for CLOUT. — Megan Marris (@marris_megan) May 30, 2021

Though in all honesty, I think Rodrigo may not even be aware of that comment on her YouTube channel considering most of the publicity are usually handled by the artist’s management team. And given the success BTS has achieved internationally, I doubt they would be threatened by a comment like that either.

But what do you think? Do you agree that Rodrigo’s team should’ve chosen a better description to avoid this conflict?


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