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Korean E-Commerce Platform Sells "Kosk", A Mask That Only Covers Your Nose

Credit: Coupang

We've seen a lot of different masks during the pandemic, those with intelligent ventilation systems, and some with RGB lights. But this new mask sold by Korean e-commerce platform Coupang for US$8, is a mask that only covers your nose!

The mask called 'Kosk', combining 'ko' (nose in Korean) and 'mask' to give you an unconventional way of protecting yourself from Covid-19. Kosk's main objective serves those who enjoy going to restaurants and cafes, but still want some added protection against the virus.

Although, do note that Covid-19 can still enter through your mouth, and not just the nose. While we are not sure if going completely bare-faced is worse than having a 'nose-mask' on, Kosk is actually a full-sized mask that covers both the nose and mouth. The bottom half can be folded inwards to give your mouth the exposure it needs.

"They could provide marginal protection and source control. If you’re worried about catching COVID in restaurants/bars, my advice is not to go into them! That’s what I do!" said Durham University professor Claire J. Horwell.

Would you wear the nose-mask?


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