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Kopitiam Drink Prices Will Be Increased Up To 60sen Starting January 2022

Prices of vegetables and Gardenia breads aren't the only ones that are increased very soon. According to The Malaysian Insight, the prices of drinks at our local kopitiams will be subjected to a price hike starting January 2022!

Unfortunately, this is due to shortage of raw materials and workers, as well as rising transport costs. The prices of the usual kopitiam beverages will increase up to 60 cents to help coffee shop owners manage rising operating costs.

Malaysia Singapore Coffee Shop Proprietors' General Association president Wong Teu Hoon said that the price hike will depend on the location of the kopitiam, the average price hike will increase about 20 to 60 cents. "Recently, many things have become more expensive - from condensed milk and evaporated milk needed to make coffee or tea, to the salaries of employees, rent, and cooking gas. So the increase in prices of beverages is just a subsidy for the industry. It is certainly not to make bigger profits," Wong said.

He added that the coffee shops will only be making an extra RM20 if it manages to sell 100 cups in a day. On top of that, the salary of foreign workers has increased from RM1,200 to RM1,650, and the annual agency fee shot up to RM9,500 from RM6,000.

"That amount if not enough to pay the salaries of foreign workers. At most, it is only a subsidy. If the coffee shop is understaffed, customers will complain about slow service. So I hope everyone will understand our situation. This time, we are really forced to raise prices. Most businesses agree to start adjusting the beverage prices from January 1."

What do you think? Is the price hike justified?


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