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KL Baker Sells Bday Cakes At RM5.30 And Gives Free Cakes To People In Need

In today’s edition of everyday heroes in Malaysia, young baker Nur Rasziah Fhasyarini Sharolanuar is making sure that everyone in need will be able to afford a birthday cake, even if that means she has to sell it at a loss or give it out for free.

The cost of each cake is RM8, but Nur Rasziah is selling it for RM5.30. “It doesn’t matter if I have to cover RM2.70 for each of the cakes sold as long as it is able to bring joy to a family. On certain days, I also give out free cakes to poor families,” said the KL baker.

Nur Rasziah started this initiative after she came across a customer who was struggling to buy a box of cupcakes for her child’s first birthday. With bills to pay, all the poor mother could afford was a RM3 cupcake. But Nur Rasziah couldn’t bring herself to sell the customer a cupcake “because how is the family supposed to celebrate the child’s birthday over one cupcake?”

Eventually, Nur Rasziah decided to bake a cake and sell it to the customer at whatever amount she could afford, which was RM5.30. Since then, this initiative has taken off and Nur Rasziah has sold about 1,000 such cakes since the third MCO.

As a parent herself, Nur Rasziah said she loves baking cakes and seeing children happy when they get to celebrate their birthday with a nice birthday cake. The RM5.30 cakes are four-inched cakes available in chocolate or vanilla flavours.

If you’re interested to check out Nur Rasziah’s cakes and support her business, do visit Bakeries Baker N Pastries on Facebook!


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