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KitaJaga Founder Launches Purple Flag Movement To Encourage Msians To Help The Needy

Most of us are familiar with the white flag movement which started a couple of months back due to the pandemic. The movement strived to help the needy whose livelihood was severely affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic and prolonged MCO.

By putting up white flags, people were able to recognise and help those who are in need of food and other essentials. To keep the movement alive, the founder of KitaJaga set up a website to bridge the gap between the needy and those who wish to help.

Reza Razali, a local developer said the movement had a good start, but eventually saw a significant drop in participation. “Initially, we had 29,195 people registered to donate via Kita Jaga but only 3,990 have actually done so. Many donors dropped off as they cited health and safety concerns in having to manage the deliveries," Reza said.

Reza decided to launch the Purple Flag Movement to encourage generous Malaysians to continue helping the needy. He said that the initiative aims to overcome health risk challenges as there will be a team to manage pick-up and deliveries.

Those who wish to extend a helping hand may do so by registering at and pin a virtual purple flag at your location. Do prepare your donation like daily essentials before the Purple Flag team comes to collect it from you to pass over to the homes with white flags.


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