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Kim ‘Tried Her Best’ To Make Marriage With Kanye Work, Says Chrissy Teigen

Although she had initially announced her plan to quit Twitter last month, Chrissy Teigen is not missing out on anything that’s happening in pop culture. In fact, it only took Teigen less than a month before she quickly made her comeback on the social media platform, and already the model is spilling the tea about “Kimye’s” divorce story.

Teigen recently appeared on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, where she was asked about the couple’s divorce, more specifically if her husband John Legend had been in touch with Kanye West, and how Kim Kardashian is doing amidst the divorce.

Known for being outspoken about her opinions, Teigen then responded honestly saying that she has “definitely been in touch with Kim more than John has been in touch with Kanye”. She also added that Kanye tends to go off the grid, so it’s harder to reach out to him.

But luckily, Teigen revealed that Kim is “doing ok”, even defending her friend when it comes to the divorce, saying that “I know Kim gave her all for everything, and it’s honestly a shame that it didn’t work out because I saw them being a forever relationship, I really did. But I know she tried her best.”

You can watch the full clip for Teigen’s comments about Kim and Kanye’s divorce here:


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