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Khairy Urges Those Undergoing Home Quarantine To Regularly Report Their Conditions on MySejahtera

Credit: Malay Mail

The Health Ministry reminds those who are undergoing home quarantine to regularly report their conditions to allow for early intervention if needed. According to Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, the daily health assessment performed via MySejahtera is a key strategy to identify those in self-quarantine that require medical assistance before it's too late.

“To all Covid-19 positive patients undergoing self-quarantine, please always fill up your status using the health assessment tool twice a day. This allows us to constantly monitor if you have shortness of breath, low oxygen levels or a continuous high fever, these are all early warning signs. When we get these warning signs, the Covid-19 Assessment Centres (CAC) will call them immediately,” he said.

Khairy also added that only 55% of those undergoing home quarantine were submitting their daily assessments, short of the 70% the ministry was targeting. The twice a day check-ins were not to burden Covid-19 patients, but to allow health authorities to catch on signs of deterioration that individuals might not recognise.

“Family members, don’t wait. If you see deterioration, inform us or bring straight to a CAC immediately,” Khairy said.


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