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Khairy: Tighten Checks On MySejahtera App At All Premises

Credit: The Straits Times

Due to individuals placed under the Home Supervision Order (HSO) not following SOPs and rules, Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said that all premises will need to tighten checks on the MySejahtera app, especially at supermarkets as the ministry detected HSO individuals checking in despite being in the quarantine period.

“In Kedah, in just one week, there were 523 MySejahtera check-ins (to premises) who were Covid-19 positive or high-risk individuals placed under home quarantine. A total of 18% of the (523) check-ins occurred in supermarkets, so we ask that supervision at entrances be tightened because they (quarantined individuals) managed to check in, which means the security guards are not checking their MySejahtera properly… they are just letting them in,” Khairy said.

It is quite concerning that despite cases slowly dropping, people are not complying with SOPs. Meanwhile, Khairy mentioned that more than 180,000 teenagers in Kedah will begin receiving vaccine shots at PPVs or schools, and the Health Ministry expects the process to be completed within a month.


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