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Khairy Says Woman Who Claimed M'sian Teens Were Dying After Covid Vaccine Had "Flat Out Lied"

You may have come across a viral video online of a woman reading out a statement alleging that teenagers in Malaysia had died or been hospitalised after receiving their Covid-19 vaccinations. The woman even boldly addressed the Ministry of Health (MOH), saying "don't gamble with our children's lives."

However, the MOH was quick to respond to the woman's claims and proceeded to debunk them one by one.

Regarding the woman's first claim that alleged two students in Ipoh had died after getting vaccinated, the MOH found that the first student with type 1 diabetes had passed away due to Covid-19 before she was able to get vaccinated. Meanwhile, the second student who had congenital heart disease had passed away due to a bacterial infection, also before being vaccinated.

The woman's second claim alleged that two teenagers were currently hospitalised after suffering from AEIF (adverse events following Covid-19 immunisation). MOH's investigation revealed that two teens had been hospitalised at a private institution after experiencing side effects from the Comirnaty Covid vaccine.

However, the first teen, aged 16, was said to have been released from care while the second teen, aged 18, was still under treatment. In addition to that, the MOH also said the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) has yet to receive reports of the teens’ side effects.

In conclusion, Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin had taken to Twitter and said the woman who was speaking without her mask on in the video had “flat out lied”. Since then, netizens have also urged the government to take immediate action against the group of individuals in the video who were spreading fake news.


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