• Jonathan Shiek

KFC Zero Chicken Burger: Plant-Based Meatless Burger

The popular fast food chain, KFC Malaysia has finally incorporated a plant-based burger in their menu! It is made with KFC’s Original Recipe of the 11 herbs and spices, a meatless-patty, sliced cheese, shredded lettuce, Spicy BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, and a toasted sesame bun. The meatless chicken patty is apparently suppose to taste exactly like their usual KFC products, but how accurate can it get?

The Zero Chicken burger is available in a la carte and also a set with Crispier Fries and a drink, starting from only RM12.90. The burger will be available nationwide from 9 February onwards.

If you’re not a meat eater or even a meat eater having this burger, let us know what you think about it!



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