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KFC Malaysia Is Experiencing Supply Issues For Several Menu Items, Just Like McDonald's

Credit: EmoBananaBoy

Just a couple of days after McDonald's Malaysia announced that it will be removing large fries out of its menu due to a shortage, KFC Malaysia confirmed that some of its main menu items are currently out of stock as well!

According to several social media posts on Twitter, the out-of-stock items on its menu consists of French fries and in some locations, its signature fried chicken. “Three times I went to KFC, three times they changed the fries to wedges. Potatoes changed to potatoes,” Twitter user @syafiqkuni said in a tweet.

On the other hand, Twitter user @jjjadedx said in the same Twitter thread: “KFC here has been hit not by a potato shortage, but chicken.” Meanwhile other users pointed out that their local KFC outlets ran out of items like chicken popcorn, nuggets, burgers, and coleslaw.

“As a result of our suppliers’ operations being heavily and unexpectedly disrupted, this has consequently impacted our operations resulting in a number of our main menu items currently being out of stock. We are looking at alternative solutions to minimise the disruptions, and we hope our customers can bear with us during this time. We do not want to disappoint our customers, but the situation is unfortunately unprecedented and impacts many industries,” said brand head of KFC Malaysia Stephen Chew.

He added that future updates on the situation will be updated on KFC Malaysia's official Facebook page. Did your local KFC outlet ran out of any items?


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