• Jonathan Shiek

Kelly Clarkson’s Divorce Shows That Men Can Be “Gold Diggers”

Let’s set this straight, the term “Gold Digger” does not direct towards any specific gender. And this was proven by Kelly Clarkson’s messy divorce with soon-to-be ex husband, Brandon Blackstock which also served as her manager. They were married for almost 7 years!

E! News confirmed that Brandon Blackstock is requesting for $436,000 a month for child and spousal support. BUT, he doesn’t even have custody over his 2 children, River Rose and Remington Alexander. Kelly Clarkson filed for divorce back in June and won temporary primary physical custody over their children.

According to CCN, Clarkson will have to pay alimony for 3 and a half years which is half the time they were married and on top of that pay for child support until her youngest child turns 18. The only good news we got from their break up is a reveal of an upcoming new song about the divorce.

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