• Jonathan Shiek

Keep Safe This Christmas With These Tips

Although it is the season to be jolly, we all have to remind ourselves and our loved ones to keep safe during this holiday season. Covid-19 cases are still increasing on a daily basis, so let’s do our part to follow SOPs and be safe!

  1. Try keeping safe by celebrating with family members you already live with, rather than inviting more people over. This helps lower the risks of being exposed to Covid-19.

  2. Video chat with friends, extended family, and loved ones while having Christmas dinner. This way you won’t miss out on celebrating with all the people you love!

  3. Grocery shop online instead of heading down to a physical grocery store. Having grocery delivered to you, especially elderly people with high-risk will make it way safer.

  4. Avoid buffet style lunches and dinners. Individual meals are just as enjoyable and you minimize contact with other people. 

Other than that enjoy your long weekend,  have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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