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JYP Entertainment To Launch NFT Platform To Distribute Content By TWICE, Stray Kids, And More

The popularity of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is showing no signs of slowing down as even the K-pop industry has jumped on the crypto bandwagon after JYP Entertainment recently unveiled plans to launch an NFT platform to distribute content for its artists.

The record label was said to have teamed up with Dunamu, the operator of South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Upbit, to produce NFT-linked digital files. Once ready, the platform will reportedly be used to distribute content from JYP’s artists like TWICE, Stray Kids, Day6, ITZY, and 2PM.

JYP has artists who represent K-pop around the world as well as creative, expert content. Dunamu has the foundational technological skills such as blockchain and a global network. Through our collaboration and synergy, we will create added value through our NFT platform business,” said JYP Entertainment.

NFTs are unique digital files that can be sold to any buyer, giving them rights and ownership over the digital content on the internet. Would you be interested to buy an NFT of any content by these K-pop artists?


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