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JPN's Database Which Consists 4 Mil Msian's NRIC Was Put Up For Sale

If you're born between 1979 and 1998, your data might actually be on sale due to a data leak. According to The Rakyat Post, the database owned by the National Registration Department (JPN) was put up for sale on a well known database marketplace forum.

Apparently, the database contained 4 million data that was obtained from LHDN's website through API that is made for myIDENTITY. The data included full names, NRIC numbers, mailing and permanent addresses, mobile numbers, email addresses, race, and images in the database that groups according to birth year.

MyIDENTITY allows Malaysians and permanent residents to access personal info and to update contact information when dealing with government agencies. The system was created to transform the delivery of government services to be more strategic, effective, and efficient.

According to Local Intrusion Analyst, Adnan Shukor, the seller has done this twice before. The unknown seller priced the sale at 0.2 bitcoins, which goes up to RM35,500.

As of now, JPN has received a report on the matter, but will not disclose further information.


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