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Jollibee Customer In The Philippines Receives A Fried Towel Instead Of Fried Chicken

Most of the times people find “surprises” in their meals, like cockroaches, hair, or just a random bug, but this Jollibee customer in the Philippines has proven that the surprise can be the meal itself. She posted a series of horrifying photos of her Jollibee “chicken” and posted it on Facebook which immediately gone viral.

Her supposedly fried chicken turned out to be a battered and deep fried TOWEL! That’s not the worst part, she was trying to cut the chicken open to feed it to her son! Thankfully the “chicken” was too tough to even slice which resulted the customer to use her hands to tear it apart, that’s how she found out it’s actually a deep fried towel.

The Jollibee customer, Alique Perez said that the chicken looked exactly like a piece of Chickenjoy which is Jollibee’s famous fried chicken. Perez even took a video and zoomed in to the light green towel covered in fried batter – EWW! She had some concerns about the other Chickenjoys that were fried together in the same oil with this “Toweljoy”. “Now I can’t even think of the other chickenjoys na kasama (that were included) while frying this,” she wrote in her Facebook post.

Next time, remember to check on your food before putting it in your mouth. Yikes!


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