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Johor Man Scammed of RM3.8 Million

Online scams have been around since the mass popularization of the internet itself and as such, one would think that we should be able to spot an online scam miles away. It isn’t that simple however. Online scammers has been finding various and creative new ways of picking your pocket through methods like posing as government officials, malware attacks and who knows what else.

Unfortunately, a 78-year old Johor based retiree fell victim to one of these devious scams at the cost of RM3.8 million. A grant aid scam under the guise of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was employed by the scammer going by the alias of “Freddie Khoo” via social media.

Police investigations revealed that the victim had sent the money in 64 transactions to 10 bank accounts from July to December last year. Johor Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Salleh Abdullah stated that the victim became uneasy and lodged a police report regarding the transactions when he failed to secure the IMF aid grant and was told that he needed to reapply as the grant offer had expired.

Further investigations revealed that the victim had been interacting with the scammer over WhatsApp voice calls and was then offered a IMF Assistance Grant worth RM605,000.

The case is still currently under investigation. Mohd Salleh went on to advise the public to be mindful of such offers and to always double check with relevant parties such as Bank Negara on the existence of such aid grants that have been offered.

As some of our elders are not as tech savvy as we are, it would also be a good idea to advise your elders regarding the dangers of online scams and that they can always come to you for help regarding anything they encounter on the internet. Stay safe and be alert!


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