• Jonathan Shiek

John Wick 4 And 5 Will Start Filming This Year

John Wick 4 was actually slated to premier in theaters on 21 May 2021 but has been delayed till 2022 because of the pandemic. While pushing back the movie, Lionsgate made the decision to order another sequel out of the franchise and plans to shoot John Wick 5 back to back.

In an interview with, Stahelski said that “We’re going to write a really good number 4. If a really good number 4 feel solid to Keanu and 1, we’ll make that one. That doesn’t mean we won’t plan on a 5 or start writing 5, but we want to make sure we have a solid story.”

John Wick 4’s new release date is set to 27 May 2022 for the moment, but there are no release date yet for John Wick 5.

Source: Movie Web


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