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Jobbie Nut Butter Fined RM7k For Calling Its Products 'Natural' & Not Using Malay Text In Label

Credits: Jobbie Nut Butter (Facebook)

Local peanut butter company Jobbie Nut Butter recently took to Facebook to detail how they were raided and fined RM7,000 by the Ministry of Health, but not for hygiene reasons. Instead, the brand said they were fined due to what was written on their product label. And the most shocking part is, they also found out that the raid took place because of a complaint lodged by their competitor.

Basically, the company had a surprise visit from a few officers one day, claiming that a "customer" had complained that their peanut butter was rancid. The officers then requested Jobbie Nut Butter to provide some peanut butter samples and supporting documents for investigation purposes. At the same time, the brand's warehouse and products were all raided and interrogated.

Thankfully, the test results came back perfect a couple of days later. However, the health inspector also came bearing bad news - Jobbie Nut Butter would face two fines. The first is due to their product label that was written entirely in English, which is against food regulations because labels must contain our national language - Bahasa Melayu.

The second fine also involves their labelling text. This time, it's due to their usage of the word "natural". Even though Jobbie Nut Butter is known for their authentic products that contain zero artificial additives, they are not allowed to claim their products to be natural because that word is restricted. Despite their explanation, Jobbie Nut Butter was still forced to pay the fine.

And here comes the twist. During their own investigation process, Jobbie Nut Butter accidentally discovered that the initial complaint that was lodged by a "customer" happened to come from a competitor! However, Jobbie decided to take the high road and not disclose their competitor's information, but not before sending a message saying they would not be discouraged by the other brand's petty actions.

Jobbie Nut Butter also added that they are revealing this incident to remind other small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) about these regulations that are often overlooked, so they can avoid repeating the similar, and expensive mistakes.


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