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Jay Park’s Kpop Muslim Fans Are Not Happy With Him Mentioning “Allah” In His Lyric

We haven’t been hearing the name “Jay Park” in a while, and sadly this time around he is trending in Malaysia for all the wrong things. Jay Park, his real name Park Jae Beom, angered his Muslim fans due to controversial lyrics in his song “Mukbang (Remix)”.

Muslim Kpop fans started expressing their thoughts about the Kpop rapper’s lyrics “Worship me like Allah, Get it done like wallah”, calling him islamophobic, disrespecting their religion. While the song was released back in December 2020, it was somehow resurfaced recently, causing a big scene for Jay Park and his production team.

Jay Park’s fans flooded Twitter with #JayParkApologizeToMuslims and how mad they are about Korean artists disrespecting someone else’s religion.

If you support jay park please sb me — nini DUBU BIRTH (@saidaeffects) May 26, 2021
Tw // islamophobic The fact that jay park also wrote this song just shows how disrespectful he is ,, when will these artists stop using islamic things for their aesthetics and hv a basic decency for our religion ? Its too normalized and got swept under the rug everytime 🙁 — Lia⁷ (@yerinkth) May 27, 2021
this is the nth time korean artist direspecting our religion and now jay park too? wtf is wrong with y'all can you respect us at least. we had enough#JayParkApoloGizeToMuslims — ً (@stayddub) May 27, 2021
We never ask you to understand every single thing that is happening in the world. But not knowing isn't the same as taking something lightly. You are able to not know something but still respect it. That way you don't hurt anyone.#JayParkApologizeToMuslims — Aisyah 🇮🇩 🇵🇸 (@ahr_hiatus) May 27, 2021

Seeing how heated up his fans are, Jay Park finally addressed the issue on Twitter, saying that he never meant to offend or disrespect anyone’s religion.

🙏❤️ I humbly apologize. — JAY BUM PARK (@JAYBUMAOM) May 27, 2021
I see where yall comin from now. Thanks to those who were kind enough to explain. Love ❤️🙏 — JAY BUM PARK (@JAYBUMAOM) May 27, 2021

What do you think about Jay Park’s apology? Will you still continue to support him or is he cancelled?

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