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Japanese Woman Arrested After Trying To Put Out Olympic Torch Fire With Water Gun

The Tokyo Olympics is set to happen in two weeks’ time but instead of celebrating with pride and excitement, many Japanese citizens are protesting against the decision to host an international sports event during a pandemic, especially since the country still has a low vaccination rate.

A 53-year-old woman was recently arrested after she tried to shoot a water gun at the Olympic Torch during a relay as a way to voice her dissatisfaction against the games. Her actions were caught on video, where she could be heard shouting “end to the Olympics” in Japanese as she shot water at the torch.

Because the torch comes with its own internal fuel source, the water gun was unable to extinguish the flames. But the woman was quickly confronted by some security personnel for her actions, while the torch bearer continued to move on.

According to Noriaki Nagatsuka, a deputy police chief in the city of Mito, the woman was arrested for “deliberately aiming at the runner and interfering with the relay.” “You can’t shoot water at people for no good reason. She clearly wasn’t playing around—this isn’t child’s play,” said Nagatsuka.

In latest news, Japan is reportedly preparing to declare a state of emergency in Tokyo while the Olympic organisers will consider banning all spectators at the sports event.


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