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Japanese Vending Machine Sells Covid-19 PCR Tests At A Temple In Tokyo

Japan’s reputation with vending machines? 100%. Canned coffee, hot tea, and beer are probably their three most publicized wonders, but if you keep your eyes peeled you can also spot machines selling cutlet sandwicheshot fish stock, and even miniature panties (to use as coasters, obviously).

But SoraNews24 reports that they thought they’d never see a vending machine selling Covid-19 PCR kits, and they did, in front of a temple!

Granted, a PCR test is a little pricier than a bottle of Coca-Cola or Pocari Sweat, costing about 3,500 yen (RM134.00) The kit comes in a square box and is stamped with read “Takenoko PCR Test Kit, which is the name of an ear, nose, and throat clinic in Saitama Prefecture, that supplies and processes the test kits sold in the vending machine.

The kit also includes the equipment you’d need to take a saliva sample and written instructions on how to do so. Testing yourself takes 5 minutes, and once you’re done there’s instrcutions to drop itin the mail, and you’ll be contacted by the clinic regarding the results.

Sure, it’s an unusual sign of the times to be able to buy a PCR test from a machine, but with public health more important than ever, it’s encouraging to see the effort to make getting tested simple and convenient. Maybe Malaysia can emulate?

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