• Jonathan Shiek

Japanese Store Creates New Soy Sauce And Spring Onion Flavoured Ice Cream

Given our penchant for local food, Malaysians are no stranger to bizarre ice cream flavours like nasi lemak or durian ice cream. But how about taking it to the next level by pairing soft serve with spring onions and soy sauce?

The unique ice cream flavour is a creation by Japanese souvenir shop Konpira Shoyu Mame Honpo Omotesando, which also sells snacks and other food products from the Kawaga prefecture. Since the Kawaga prefecture is known for its tasty udon dish, the store was inspired to invent a soft serve flavour that mimics the taste of udon.

With a handful of spring onions sprinkled on top of the soft serve, paired with drizzles of soy sauce, the sweet and savoury combination is said to taste just like “warm hearty udon noodles”. While some people expressed surprise at how good the ice cream tastes, some users also think the flavour is just too bizarre.

Unfortunately, Malaysians are unable to provide our own verdict as the ice cream flavour isn’t available here. But then again, you can always just make your own version by adding spring onions and soy sauce to plain soft serve if you want. Would you try out this flavour if you have a chance?


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