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Japanese Perfume Manufacturer Created A Perfume That Allows You To Smell Like A Newborn Baby

I know many people out there love the smell of newborn babies, but this Japanese perfume manufacturer is bringing this to a whole new level by creating a eau de toilette named Mother Milk. By spraying it on, you instantly get to smell like a baby which is quite puzzling as I’m not sure who wants to smell like one.

The perfume manufacturer, Tokyo Rendezvous is selling Mother Milk on Amazon for 2,640 yen which is about RM98.80 a bottle. Just like the name of the perfume, the booklet within the package mentions that it is “a delicious, rich milk that one can’t help but reach out to”, claiming that the scent is also similar to breast milk.

“I believe that the smell of a baby is a natural aphrodisiac gifted from God, a way for babies who cannot yet fend for themselves to receive love. It is a gentle, precious, and pure smell,” the descriptions in the booklet was translated by SoraNews24 writer, Momo Momomura.

According to Momo, she said the scent is sweet and milky but nothing like how newborn babies smell like. She added that it may even smell like pancakes – Mmm! It’s not surprising as the scents listed to create the perfume includes milk, caramel, buttermilk, vanilla, butterscotch, and coumarin.

It sounds too tasty to be a perfume! Do you like the smell of newborn babies?


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