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Japanese Masturbatory Aid Company, Tenga Creates Tissue-Dispensing Hat For “Clean Ups”

Ah, post-cleanup solutions, tissues. As you all know, Tenga is a masturbatory aid company and for them to come up with a new hat that dispenses tissues is kind of questionable. The Japanese company recently taken on projects in personal fitness, confectionaries, and even space traveling, but I guess fashion is their next field to tackle.

Credit: SoraNews24

The tissue doesn’t stand out at first glance, but you’ll be able to pull out tissues from a slit that is designed on top of the hat. Not sure if they were trying to pull a pun by having a “slit” with “white stuff” coming out of the hat. The hat comes in a plain black colour with Tenga’s signature product embroidered as a red patch in the middle.

Credit: SoraNews24

That said, the usage of these tissues are not what you think! Tenga’s official website clarified that it is actually for couples who may have gotten into a fight and need something to wipe the accompanying tears of sadness or frustration. The company also suggests that the hat is great for hay fever season, when increased pollen counts will lead to runny noses. The hat will also be extremely useful when you’re out for open-air snack sessions or eat outs with your significant other.

The Tenga Pocket Hat can now be purchased on the company’s official online store, priced at 2,500 yen (RM94.50). I love how wholesome the purpose of the hat is, compared to what we actually thought it was for.


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