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Japanese Man Sells Beloved Sports Car To Pay For His Cat’s Medical Bills

Those who don’t own a pet probably wouldn’t understand just how important a little furry animal means to us. They’re not just an animal, they’re practically family, and nothing can stand in your way of protecting them. So pet owners would probably empathize with this Japanese man who had to make the painful decision to sell his car in order to fund his cat’s medical bills.

The man, who is known as Leiz on Yahoo Auctions, had listed his 1989 Toyota Supra MA70 for sale for ¥2.7 million (RM102,000), a price that’s almost twice the market value at ¥1.35 million (RM51,230).

Credits: Rojak Daily

Having owned his car for the past 27 years, putting it up for sale was not an easy decision for Leiz to make, which was partially why he had listed his car at a higher price, due to the sentimental value it holds.

But the main reason for this is because selling his car is the only way Leiz would be able to pay for his cat Silk’s medical bills. Stricken with the potentially fatal disease, Feline Infectious Peritonitis, the medical fees for Silk is said to cost at least ¥2 million (RM75,900)!

But thankfully, Leiz was blessed with a kindhearted buyer who not only understood his struggles and decided to purchase his car without negotiating a single cent, the buyer even threw in an extra ¥100,000 (RM3,800) to fund Silk’s medical bills!

The buyer also said that he plans to tidy up the car and store it in his office for decoration, so Leiz can still buy it back for the same price in the future once he’s free of his current financial struggles. That’s not all, the buyer, who is beginning to sound a lot like an angel in disguise, also invited Leiz to drop by anytime in case he ever misses his car and feel like taking it for a spin.

Credits: Rojak Daily

Not sure about you, but I think this story has temporarily restored my faith in this world. We really need more people like the anonymous buyer, and I can only say may God bless him, Leiz, and Silk.


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