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Japanese Lingerie Manufacturer Breaks Traditional Norms By Launching New Lace Boxers For Men

Credit: SoraNews24

There has always been a clear line within traditional norms surrounding "masculinity" and "femininity", but this Japanese underwear manufacturer decided to challenge the status quo by developing new boxer briefs that are made with lace. Lace has always been used for women undergarments but never for men, so this is definitely a groundbreaking change.

Last year, Wacoal tested the waters of Japanese crowdfunding by pitching the idea of releasing lace boxers for men. And to their surprise, the target funding goal surpassed by 1,090%, earning 3.27 million yen (RM120,356). Clearly, many were interested to see what Wacoal could do with the idea.

Because the crowdfunding was a success, the lace boxers idea went into production. The Lace Boxer by Wacoal has now launched, and is priced at 3,960 yen (RM145). They come in 7 different colours, black grey, navy blue, red, light blue, pink, and yellow.

Credit: SoraNews24

The material used is an original men's lace which provides improved elasticity and strength, featuring large floral patterns, leaves, and geometric motifs. According to Wacoal, the material is said to have the same level of strength as a pair of their regular men's boxer shorts.

On top of that, the underwear manufacturer said that the lace also helps to increase airflow and hold you securely in place.

Would you try a pair of lace boxers?


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