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Japanese Lady Travels 2 Hours To Experience An Authentic Office Lunch Date With Her Boyfriend

Have you ever felt that you life lacked romance? Of course you do! After all, you spend most of your free time absorbed in romance dramas just wishing that you could get a little taste of the love and affection that the main characters in those dramas have.

Well let me be the first to tell you that there is no such thing… but I could be mistaken. This Japanese lady definitely proves my theory wrong.

In a tweet/diary entry that had recently gone viral, the lady shares her romantic story of how she decided to take it upon herself to create her very own office romance drama.

Credits: Mothership

She said in her tweet “I’m unemployed but I wanted to try dating someone from a company so bad so I put on my college suit from back then and travelled two hours round trip just to eat homemade lunch with my boyfriend at his workplace and went home. I made an I.D., although I’m unemployed.”

In an attempt to create the perfect experience, she also cooked and packed a whopping 3-course bento set with some onigiri accompanying the lovely meal.

Credits: Mothership

It’s almost scary how detailed she was with her date plan. She went to her boyfriend’s office dressed up as an office lady, replete with a blazer, a button up shirt, and straight cut skirt. She even printed a fake office pass which she wore during their lunch.

Credits: Mothership

Credits: Mothership

Well, I suppose the term “where there is a will, there is a way” seems most fitting for this lady. Which in all honesty, should be emulated by most people as these sort of quirky activities can really freshen up your relationship and even reignite your passion for each other.


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