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Japanese Discount Chain Don Don Donki Opening In KL This March

One of Japan’s popular discount chain, Don Don Donki is finally opening its first outlet in Malaysia, what’s more it’ll be smacked in the middle of KL! The store was supposed to officially open its doors by the end of February, but due to the pandemic it is pushed back to March. If you’ve passed by the Lot 10 area, then you’ve definitely noticed the signboard and fully furnished interiors. It is also said that the Don Don Donki will consist of 3 floors for you to shop at.

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If you’ve traveled to Japan and been to a Don Don Donki chain store before, then you’ll understand how massive the store is, and also how wide the range of products they have. All products in-store are directly imported from Japan like snacks, beverages, fresh produce, ready-to-eat meals, home products, makeup & skincare products, and many more.

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I’m extremely excited about Don Don Donki finally arriving in Malaysia, after hearing news that they’re opened in other Southeast Asian countries! There isn’t an exact opening date yet, but you can stay updated by following their official Facebook and Instagram.

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