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Japanese Corporation Took 6 Years To Complete “Kimono Project” Which Included A Malaysia

The “Kimono Project” was created back in August 2014 by a Japanese corporation, One World. The deadline was suppose to be last year (2020), but the pandemic caused a delay in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. It took them 6 years to complete this spirit and gesture of unity amongst competing countries through beautiful kimono designs that are inspired by each country’s scenery, history, and culture.

The project was led by designer and founder of Imagine One World, Yoshimasa Takakura, which took roughly one million yen (RM38,700) of donations to complete the initiative. If you would like to view all the competing countries’ kimonos, the organisation released a special website for the public to view them.

Just found out that Japan prepared a kimono for each country participating in the Olympics. I'm in love with Malaysia's design – of beautiful batik and the Twin Towers! #Tokyo2020 — Sharifah Hani Yasmin (@sharifahyasmiin) August 2, 2021

I absolutely adore the Malaysian kimono design! You can clearly spot our national flower, Malaysian flag, The Petronas Twin Towers, batik elements, Wau Bulang, Rajah Brooke Butterfly, Rafflesia flower, and even the sport our country is best known for, a badminton shuttlecock! Astoundingly, the kimono was made by 40 students from the Fukuoka Prefectural Kurume High School, by using the Takehana dyeing technique. The obi (stash) was designed separately to complement the kimono. The design was heavily influenced by the Peranakan culture with a chintz pattern hand-woven using genuine gold leaf.

Credit: Kimono Project

The “Kimono Project” will be on display in the Osaka and Kansai Expo in 2025, so hopefully by then we’re able to travel to Japan and see these amazing kimonos in person.


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