• Jonathan Shiek

Japanese Company Develops Urine Tests For People To Self-Diagnose And Detect Mental Health Risk

Mental health has been impacted by the ongoing pandemic worldwide, and sadly not everyone has the resources to get help. Some people may also be too self-conscious too attend a session with therapists for help. Even the World Health Organisation (WHO) recently announced that the pandemic and the successive confinements will have a long-term impact on all countries.

Thankfully, a company in Japan called Cellspect, is preparing to offer self-test to diagnose certain mental illnesses like depression. The company will be developing urine tests to allow everyone to self-diagnose certain mental illnesses. The kits will soon be available online and allow simple urine samples to be deposited in pharmacies or by mail to evaluate the mental health risks of a person. The results will then be sent to the user’s smartphone.

The objective of the self-test kit is to allow people to carry out tests discreetly and to also become aware of their potential mental health risk. Unfortunately, the kits will only be available in Japan, within the 6 prefectures of the Tohoku region which will be priced between ¥3,000 and ¥4,000 (RM114 and RM154).

Would you try this out if it was available in Malaysia?


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