• Jonathan Shiek

Japanese Citizens’ Old Phones Are Made Into Tokyo 2020 Olympics Medals

Just like many athletes are breaking records and making history at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the event itself is also creating history by being the first and only Olympics that uses recyclable materials like old phones made into the Olympics medals! Apparently, Japanese citizens have been donating their old phones and devices to contribute to the sustainable initiative.

The Tokyo 2020 Medal project was an initiative of sustainability and recycling brought to new heights by collecting around 78,985 tonnes of electronic device to forge about 5000 medals. The medals were made through a process called smelting, which involved extracting metals with high heat and melting.

That wasn’t the only sustainable initiative done during the Tokyo Olympics, you may have already seen the viral “cardboard beds” in many athletes’ social media, where they were seen testing out how sturdy the beds were. The cardboard beds were made out of recycled cardboard, also to prevent Olympic athletes from “doing the deed”.

Credit: Lonely Planet

That said, this is definitely the start of something good, the eco-friendly route should be continued in the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics. What do you think about this initiative?


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