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Japanese Cemetery In SG Posted A Notice “No! Pokemon Go” For Players To Stop Entering The Park

Back in 2016, Pokemon Go was one of the most popular mobile games around, there are still more than 8 million active players till today! Pokemon tend to pop up at random areas depending on its type, players would go to great lengths to catch their desired pokemon, even walking into a cemetery park!

According to an image posted by Instagram account @publicnoticesg , the Japanese Association in the Japanese Cemetery Park located at Hougang, Singapore, put up a notice that urged Pokemon Go players to respect those who rest in peace. The notice also reads "do not enter the ground for Pokemon Go" with a red circle and cross with the message "No! Pokemon Go".

The Japanese Cemetery Park is a 29,359 square metre park that contains around 910 tombstones of Japanese civilians, soldiers, and convicted war criminals executed in Changi Prison. The cemetery was established back in 1891, but was turned into a memorial park in 1987.

While many may think that ghost type Pokemon will spawn in cemeteries, this is false! Ghost Pokemon often only appear at night, and their locations do not have an influence on the spawn rates.


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