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Japanese Artist Uses Face Masks To Create Miniature Tokyo Olympics Games

It is Olympic season, but with the pandemic still ongoing we are not allowed to travel to Tokyo to catch the games and support our athletes. However, to turn your frown upside down, Japanese artist Tatsuya Tanaka decided to go creative and create miniature versions of the Olympic games using face masks! They are extremely adorable!

Olympic games including swimming, running, volleyball, and high jump were included in his artwork captioned ‘Tokyo 2020’. Tanaka shared his unique artwork on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and gained about 269k likes! Not only is he a miniature artist, Tanaka also works as a full-time ‘mitate artist’, which is a subgenre of the famous Japanese art form, Ukiyo-e.

If you’re in Japan and want to check out his pieces IRL, he is currently showcasing recent artworks in MINIATURE LIFE EXHIBITION 2 until 31 July. But if you’re like me, stuck at home, here is his artwork from ‘Tokyo 2020’:

Credit: Tanaka Tatsuya Twitter

Credit: Tanaka Tatsuya Twitter

Credit: Tanaka Tatsuya Twitter


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