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Japan Town Receives Covid-19 Relief Fund, Uses Money To Build Giant Squid Statue

With the pandemic sending all of us into a frenzy, governments across the world have tried their best to introduce stimulus packages for citizens to ease their financial burden. And while most of us would use the money for buying essential items, a town in Japan had a different idea in mind when they decided to use their Covid-19 relief fund to build an expensive statue of a giant squid.

To be fair, the Japanese government had allocated millions of yens to each town, giving them the freedom to choose how they wish to use that money.

But what the government did not expect is that instead of spending the money to stimulate the local economy or curb the spread of the virus, the town of Noto decided to spend US$260,000 (RM 1.07 million) on erecting a 42-foot statue of a giant squid.

Naturally, people are mad with this decision as they believe the money could be better spent on revitalizing the local economy or other beneficial causes. However, the town officials justified their spending by saying that the government relief fund shouldn’t necessarily be linked with Covid-19 as it can also be used to boost commercial tourism.

And there’s also a perfectly valid reason behind Noto’s choice of statue as the town is famed for its squid delicacies, they figured the new statue would attract more tourists to visit. Though if you think about it, the status has garnered so much attention from international media, the money turned out to be well spent after all.


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