• Jonathan Shiek

Japan’s Tenga Plans To Send Masturbatory Aids Into Space

If you don’t know, Tenga is a famous Japanese adult sex toy company, and yes you did not read the title wrong, I said SPACE. The president of the company, Koichi Matsumoto just announced the Tenga Rocket Project, which is a joint venture between Tenga and Interstellar Technologies. The project aims to launch a Tenga rocket into space that will contain messages from 1,000 people placed in the Tenga pods along with a Tenga Robot figure.

Credit: Sora News 24

The highlight of this project is a research equipment called the Space Tenga. Tenga wants to develop masturbatory aids that are optimized for use in outer space, especially the space stations. The company is currently working on a Space Tenga prototype fitted with data measuring devices to see what effects the non-terrestrial environment has on it.

Credit: Sora News 24

Source: Sora News 24

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