• Jonathan Shiek

Japan Retailer Will Be Selling Hyper-Realistic Masks

Imagine seeing your face worn by somebody else, a complete stranger. Isn’t that freaky, but cool at the same time? A Japanese retailer, Shuhei Okawara specializes in printing exact appearances of people onto a mask. It is a hyper-realistic mask that models a stranger’s features in three dimensions.

Okawara chooses his model from more than 100 applicants whom he will pay 40,000 yen to. An artisan will then rework the image which will be created with a 3D printer. If you’re interested in purchasing them, the masks will be on sale early 2021 for 98,000 yen a piece at his store, Kamenya Omote. He plans to gradually increase new faces into the collection, including some from overseas.

Do you think this is creepy or interesting?

Source: Reuters

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