• Jonathan Shiek

Japan Is Pushing Their People To Make Babies…by Spending RM77mil on AI

Japan plans to boost the nation’s declining birth rate by funding the use of artificial intelligence (AI) matchmaking systems to help single people find love.

According to Japan Today, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s government plans to allocate JPY2 billion (RM77 million) next year to support local authorities running these schemes.

It is said around half of the nation’s 47 prefectures already do offer human-run matchmaking services. However, they have been less than effective.

These existing matchmakers only consider criteria such as income and age, and only produce a result if there is an exact match of two people’s preferences. The government is encouraging AI technology as it will provide more sophisticated analyses about whether a pair will be a successful couple.

The country’s fertility rate was 1.36 last year – one of the world’s lowest and far below the rate needed to maintain a population

Japan saw only 865,000 babies born in 2019, the lowest since records began in 1899.

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