• Jonathan Shiek

Japan Introduces Bluetooth Tombstones To Mourn The Dead

Japan has been pretty notorious with their crazy inventions, but this just tops the whole list! Their innovative minds to allow people to live more conveniently and comfortably created this bluetooth tombstone idea. These tombstones are called Hikari, available at the Yachiyo Yukyu no Sato Cemetery in Chiba Prefecture.

Mourners will bring a special talisman when they visit the cemetery, which will then activate the tombstone’s Bluetooth Low Energy technology. A screen on the tombstone will proceed to display their loved one’s name, date of death, and other details. Mourners will also be able to customize what they want to be displayed on the screen.

These tombstones are more practical as prices on standard tombstones can cost up to 7 million yen while Hikari will only cost 290,000 yen. Those who can’t afford to buy a plot of land for their family tombstones can have the option to use a communal tombstone, but it can get a little impersonal. 

Source: Sora News 24

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