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Jaden Smith Is Opening A Restaurant To Feed Unhoused People For Free

Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Jaden Smith has done so much to give back to the community.

Apart from his entertainment career, the 22-year-old is also the co-founder of Just Water, a water company that aims to provide a cheap water filtration system for those who live in poorer areas. On top of that, he also launched a food truck restaurant business called I Love You that focuses on making healthy vegan food accessible to the needy.

Credits: Fast Company

Well now, Smith has announced that he is making I Love You free for those who live in Los Angeles’ Skid Row neighbourhood, an area that’s known for having a big homeless community.

Smith explains that the free meal initiative will be based on a pay it forward concept, “But if you’re not homeless, not only do you have to pay, but you have to pay for more than the food’s worth so that you can pay for the person behind you.”

This is also not the first time Smith has launched a charitable cause through I Love You. Just last year during the pandemic, the restaurant decided to send out care packages of food, masks, clothes, and hand sanitizer to the unhoused people in Skid Row.


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