• Jonathan Shiek

Jackie Chan Offends Chinese And Global Fans By Saying He Wants To Join The Chinese Communist Party

Jackie Chan is probably one of the most well-liked celebrities by everyone in the world, but the Hong Kong actor and martial artist recently managed to offend fans in China and across the world with a simple comment expressing his interest to join the Chinese Communist Party.

“I also envy that you are Communist Party members, I think the Communist Party is just great, what the Communist Party says, what they promised, will always be delivered within a few decades. I want to be a Communist Party member, thank you,” said Chan, who often says “he’s proud of being Chinese”.

Upon hearing this, users on Chinese social media platform Weibo immediately showed their disapproval of Chan, saying he’s not welcome or eligible to join the party after his scandals which involved him cheating on his wife, and his son’s drug use.

“I have no doubt over his patriotism and professionalism, but his lifestyle … our party members need to set a positive example,” said one user. “He’s probably not serious, he’s just acting on different occasions,” wrote another user.

Meanwhile on Twitter, Chan’s fans outside of China were also offended by his remarks. Many fans have since commented that they would stop watching his movies while some users also refused to believe the statement, saying Chan was forced by the Chinese government to say so.


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