• Jonathan Shiek

Italy Blocks TikTok For Certain Users After Death Of Girl Allegedly Playing ‘Choking’ Ga

Italian authorities have opened an investigation into the death of a 10- year-old girl in Sicily who took part in a TikTok challenge called “blackout”. A “challenge” placing a belt around one’s neck and holding your breath while recording yourself on a cellphone.

News quickly spread that the girl died of asphyxiation, Italy’s Data protection authorities ordered a ban on anyone unable to identify with the legal age to join TikTok. According to the terms and conditions, users must be 13+ to gain access to the widely used platforms among teenagers.

Quoted by her father, ”TikTok was her world. And YouTube. That’s how she spent her time”

Italian authorities condemned TikTok for the safety of its users, which young children are constantly being proven. Do you think TikTok should screen through more of the content that goes onto their platform to keep their users safe?


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