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It’s Proven To Be Less Effective If You’ve Done This With Your Sunscreen

I’m pretty sure you know that sunscreen is a MUST for your daily skincare routine, especially during the day to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. But did you know that there is a chance you are making your sunscreen less effective with one of these common application mistakes?

Mixing Sunscreen with Other Products

Let’s be clear, sunscreen is actually classified as a drug by the FDA, so when it comes out of the tube, you should be getting the exact formula that has been tested to determine SPF. That said, if you mix your sunscreen with another product, you are directly altering a carefully crafted formula that may not guarantee full protection for your skin.

Instead of mixing the products together, try layering them one at a time. Another quick tip is to make sure to apply a generous layer of sunscreen as your final application in the morning.

Applying Facial Oil in the Morning

There isn’t a solid study showing that oils interfere with sunscreen, however they make break it down and make it less effective. When you think about it, your skin’s natural oils eat away at your skincare products throughout the day, so it makes sense for the oil cleansers to break down products like sunscreen.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to forego facial oils in your skincare routine. Just save them for the nighttime! Believe me, you wouldn’t want to risk potential long term sun damage over a short-term glow.

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Layering Too Many Products

This is another common mistake people do, layering product after product before finally applying their sunscreen. It makes sense to not layer too many products, as your skin can only absorb so much at a time. You may even be creating a barrier between your skin and your sunscreen, making it hard for your skin cells to be properly coated.

The tip is to keep your skincare routines as simple as possible, use a cleanser, alcohol-free toner, antioxidant serum, and then sunscreen.

Using Face Mist After Applying Sunscreen

To put it in simple terms, you risk diluting and messing with your sun protection by spraying on face mist. Humectant ingredients in face mists are great for hydration, but they need to be sealed in with a moisturiser to be the most effective.

A tip is to spritz it on after you cleanse as the “toner” step in your routine and follow up with serum and moisturising SPF.

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Not Allowing Your Sunscreen To Dry Before Applying Makeup

Take note to always allow your sunscreen to dry before applying makeup on your skin. You risk diluting and interfering with the formula, as applying makeup involves a lot of dabbing, rubbing and brushing. Modern sunscreen formulas are usually pretty stable after they’ve dried down, so you won’t risk wiping off some of that sunscreen you’ve just applied.

Have you been doing any of these mistakes?


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